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Shown above is my current (fully assembled) wide field imaging train…The individual components can be seen below as part of the listing of the equipment currently in use (or hopefully soon to be in use) in the observatory…



(Click on any image below for a larger view)
Equip - Losmandy G-11 Mount Losmandy G-11 with Gemini 1 GOTO…The current workhorse in the observatory. It handles the slightly heavier loads pretty well
Equip - Celestron AVX Mount Celestron AVX Mount with ADM Accessories “Bling” package (replacement knobs and levers in the Celestron orange color).  Also with ADM’s side by side saddle plate and Mini-Max Guidescope Aiming Device
MiniTower iOptron Mini Tower – My current grab ‘n go mount.  Works well for visual use and can manage some Planetary, Lunar and Solar imaging
Equip - Tak FSQ-106 Takahashi Flat-Field Super Quadruplet FSQ-106 New “Q”.  An excellent wide field telescope.
Equip - Celestron 8inch Edge Celestron 8″ EdgeHD
Equip - Lunt LS60THa Pressure Tuned Lunt LS60T Ha Solar Telescope – Pressure Tuned with B1200 Blocking Filter
Equip - Lunt Double Stack Lunt LS50F Ha Solar Filter (Double Stack for LS60T Ha above)
Equip - FLI ML8300 FLI MicroLine CCD Camera (ML8300)
Equip - FLI Filter Wheel FLI Color Filter Wheel (CFW-2-7)…filled with Astrodon Generation 2 E-Series LRGB Tru-Balance Filters and Astrodon Ha, OIII and SII (5 nm) Narrowband Filters
Equip - ZWO ASI 120MC-S ZWO ASI120MC-S (Usb 3) – Color Planetary and Guiding Camera
Equip - QHY 5-II QHY 5L-II-M Planetary / Guide CMOS Camera
Equip - Feather Touch Focusers Starlight Instruments Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control and Feather Touch focuser with Handy Motor.  This unit can control two focusers at the same time
Equip - MonsterMOAG Astrodon MonsterMOAG – Off Axis Guider
Equip - Stellarvue F60M Stellarvue F60M – Finderscope / Small Guiding Scope
Equip - Kendrick Dew Control Kendrick Dew Control System
Equip - Televue Powermates Televue Powermates – 2x (2″), 2.5x (1.5″) and 4x (2″)
Equip - EarthWin Binoviewers Earthwin Binoviewer with Power/Filter Slide
Equip - Wood Wonders Case - Eyepieces Wood Wonders Custom Eyepiece Case…filled with a bunch of eyepieces
Equip - All Sky Cam-Sky Quality Meter Moon Glow Technologies All Sky Cam and Unihedron Sky Quality Meter (SQM-LU-DL)




Equip - Meade 12inch LX200-ACF Meade 12″ LX200-ACF 
Equip - FLI Atlas Focuser FLI Atlas Focuser
Equip - ATIK Titan Atik Titan CCD Camera 
Equip - Imaging Source DMK and SKYnyx 2-1 Imaging Source DBK-31AU03 Color Usb 2 Planetary Camera and Lumenera’s SKYnyx 2-1M Mono  Usb 2 Lunar, Solar and Planetary Camera
Equip - Lunt Solar Wedge Lunt White Light Solar Wedge (2″)